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Stx and Stones

Stx and Stones is an interactive, web-based tool kit that empowers middle school-aged children to stop bullies by using humor and comedy to express themselves. The site takes a solutions-oriented approach, providing kids with tangible methods for communicating and encourages them to stand up for themselves and others.  A series of e-cards use wit and one-liner humor in providing kids with the words that they may not have the courage to say aloud.  Animations explore bullying scenarios in a Choose your own adventure-type style. A discussion board allows kids to openly and anonymously reach out to other kids for advice on bullying.  And lastly, a “Need Help?” section offers more serious approaches for dealing with bullies and provides additional resources for kids to explore on their own. Stx and Stones was my thesis project in the Design and Technology MFA program at Parsons, from which I graduated in 2011.

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