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Web Design

I create fresh, clean user-centered designs to engage your audience on the web.

Institute of Play Redesign

I oversaw and managed the redesign of the Institute of Play website. Their goals were to vastly simplify the site and create a streamlined, brand-aligned experience for their visitors. A top priority was to clearly articulate what they do and to create pathways for visitors to find the information they're looking for. The result is a playful, beautiful site that is very much mission and brand-aligned.

Nathan Ehrlich Hypnotist

I worked with Nathan Ehrlich Hypnotist, Inc. to design a warm, clean, and inviting website. The goals were to inform potential clients of the provided services and to make it clear and easy to get in touch or to book services.


I worked with UNICEF to design a website for a new volunteer initiative called Our UNICEF. The goals of the website were to: inform people about the initiative and provide clear pathways to finding volunteer opportunities.  

Paper Airplanes

I designed a website for Paper Airplanes, a startup that creates play and design-based travel kits for young kids.

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