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Hi, I'm Shula Ehrlich! I design and produce playful learning experiences.




I’m an NYC-based designer and educator passionate about designing learning experiences that are rooted in play and design and empowering people to create positive change through design thinking.


I have over 10 years of experience in game design, learning and instructional design, facilitation, and developing innovative learning strategies for youth and adult learners at schools, organizations, and Fortune 500 companies. At the heart of everything I do is creating playful learning experiences that encourage learners to take risks, fail safely, and ultimately learn through play and design. 


My most recent experience includes working on the L&D team at Indeed. Before that, I spent 8 years at Institute of Play, where I collaborated with teachers to design learning games and game-like curricula for 6th-12th grade classrooms, created and facilitated professional development workshops for teachers across the country, and designed and facilitated workshops to bring play and design into the workplace, and 1 year as an Instructional Designer on the Enterprise team at General Assembly, where I designed customized play and design-based learning experiences that brought 21st-century skills to company teams in topics such as digital marketing, digital product management, UX design, storytelling, and data insights. Clients included NFL, Weight Watchers, Intuit, Amazon Goodreads, and L’Oréal.


I'm currently Head of Learning and Development at Lemonade


Please check out my LinkedIn profile and contact me to find out more!



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